A Little difficulty

After a day spent working on a photo assignment in North Northumberland, and appreciating just what the strong northwesterly breeze could mean for seawatching, I headed to Church Point.  The assembled masses (well, four of them anyway) had reached the same conclusion…and were now bemoaning the fact that there was very little passing by.  As they gradually departed, eventually just two hardy souls remained; yours truly and David Dack.

As the light faded there was a sudden burst of birds; four Arctic Skuas all purposefully moving north, and nine Manx Shearwaters.  Then the words you always want to hear “get on this bird”.  It took a while but eventually I did lock on to said bird.  I knew what it was – I’ve seen 30 or 40 previously, although never in Britain, certainly not in the North Sea.  Black upperparts, gleaming white underneath (including it’s face), occasionally shearing above the wave crests and mixing that shearing with short bursts of rapid wingbeats as it powered back down into the trough.  But, and this is the real pain of seawatching…I could never write a description of that bird that would satisfy a records committee (not without a certain amount of embellishment anyway, and I’m not prepared to do that).  So, it will vanish into the annals of this blog…and I’ll be out there again later today hoping, praying,  that the next mega seabird to pass by while I’m sitting there is a lot closer.

~ by pterodroma on October 5, 2009.

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