The reward

Monday is my ‘office’ day and I had a long task list to get through.  Self-motivation was generated by telling myself that, if I completed all the tasks that were feasible to complete today, I would reward myself with an hour of seawatching leading up to dusk.  Eventually I was ready to reap my reward, and drove to Church Point.  The northwesterly winds of earlier today seemed promising…

When I arrived at 4.40pm the light was reasonable, but seemed likely to fade rapidly.  A steady stream of Black-headed Gulls were heading into the bay, and a similar stream of Kittiwakes were headed out to sea.  Then, there it was…a  juvenile Sabine’s Gull.  One of my favourite birds and a real treat on an east coast seawatch.  Juvenile Sabs are, with the exception of the white uppertail and inner primaries/outer secondaries, very dark birds.  I watched it for almost 5 minutes as it headed north, out to sea with the Kittiwakes.  Eventually it was so far offshore that only the white feather tracts were visible, and I decided it was time to head home (not that I’ve got any of my task list still to complete, of course).

~ by pterodroma on October 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “The reward”

  1. Wonder if this was the Tyne bird, not reported after 1.30pm.

  2. I wondered that myself. It was with a lot of Kitts that were heading out to sea (presumably to roost as it was getting dark) so could well reappear somwhere on the coast today.

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