Now this is a unique opportunity

Happy New Year 🙂

My final seabird of 2009 was, surprisingly, a Fulmar that was flying E along the Tyne valley at Haydon Bridge on December 30th.  I’ve always wondered where Fulmars go when they’re absent from our inshore waters…

Most of my seawatching over the next 2 months will be from the SarahJFK, as we continue our offshore survey, primarily to search for White-beaked Dolphins but also logging all of the seabirds that we come across as well, covering most of Northumberland’s waters out to a distance of 20-35 miles (depending which sector we’re surveying on any given day). As it’s incredibly weather-dependent we’re running the surveys at fairly short notice (we’re usually confident enough to arrange the boat and the survey team 3-4 days in advance of sailing).

We’ve got a few spaces available for passengers on each survey, which are available at very low cost, so give me a call on 01670 827465 if you think you might enjoy a 7 hour pelagic into the unknown at some point in the next 6 weeks.  Imagine the possibilities…


~ by pterodroma on January 4, 2010.

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